How does your company work? What’s the process?

We begin with a pre-design consultation with prospective clients. This is an up front investigative part of the project process where the objective is to evaluate the project both architecturally and financially. Optimally, this investigation is completed before signing a lease or purchasing a piece of property.

How much will my project cost?

This is a very important question to be asking, especially before beginning the design and construction process. As with any project that DDS Constructors performs, the client confirms the budget. Our goal is to design within that budget. Needless to say, rising construction costs make this a unique challenge. However, by tracking the costs of recently completed projects, we are able to keep you informed of current construction pricing trends, which will assist you in your decisions of budget and design expectations.

Can you provide me with a FREE Financial Feasibility Analysis of my project?

Yes! As a matter of fact, we insist! This is a very important and vital next step! We provide you with a complete financial feasibilty analysis of your proposed project. The primary benefit of this service is to verify financial viability and to help you evaluate the overall costs of your  project. We offer a very detailed proposal, with clear and open communication between all parties. This helps eliminate misunderstandings so both the client and the contractor have a better understanding of expectations. At DDS our goal is to help you avoid the potential for falling into the trap of the nightmare project elsewhere. The “nightmare" project experiences for doctors are usually those where expectations were either unspoken or unrealized. We feel that it is important to discuss expectations in the beginning and maintain open communications and frequent budget and schedule review throughout the course of your project.

Now that I have a project estimate, how do we get started?

Our final step is an agreement to services. Once the project scope and size has been determined, we can review the service options available through DDS Constructors and the fees for these services.  Our bid and agreement outlines our services in detail and is sent to a client when he or she is ready to proceed. Once retained to the project, DDS Constructors completes the programming process to be sure that all information required is received before initiating design. This includes: Appropriate architectural drawings for the new or existing space or site,  pertinent information from local municipalities regarding proper city or county codes, and any additional information deemed necessary to optimize the design effort.

Do you have access to architects and interior designers?

Yes! We certainly do. We work with registered architects and interior designers who can bring a great deal
of experience to your project. Our team of design professionals is committed to making sure your optimum design is realized.